The Only Constant is Change

I originally decided to start this blog as a commentary on the network marketing industry which I have been involved in for 25 years. But the more I have worked on this and other projects, I realised that actually this is not so much about Network Marketing, although it plays a big part in my life, it is about change.

Change is the only constant! And the network marketing industry suffers from it like every other. The business model Sue and I used 25 years ago to build a Network Marketing organisation is no longer as successful as it was then, and I have had to adapt what I do to meet the changes in the world.

I was an early adopter of the personal computer and then as a user of the internet. What I missed somewhere along the line was the extent to which the internet had adapted itself to become something completely different.

I was a voyeur looking at information, sucking up new ideas and being exposed to potential but not really embracing it. Most of my focus was on personal development and change, about which I have learned huge amounts, and used to great effect in building teams and relationships. What I failed to do was leverage all this capacity and knowledge into a real world business, which I now plan to change.

So this blog is, in part, a reflection of all the things I have done, my experience in personal development, coaching, teaching, speaking and in business, Network Marketing in particular. Hopefully these things will be of some value to you.

So, I’ve decided to transform what I do to take advantage of the web in all sorts of new ways. This blog is a reflection of  what I am doing, not just in Network Marketing but in other spheres, some of which are related to Neworking but not all, much of it applies to life and personal fulfilment.

Firstly let’s talk  business. I used to be an apologist for network marketing as a business method, but I’ve reached an age and gained sufficient experience to reach the point where I don’t care that others think its a Micky Mouse business or that their prejudice (ignorance) criticises something most know nothing about.

It has been a life changing industry for me, I’ve learnt more about human nature and growth than I would ever have done by being employed. So I treat it as a school and I have been lucky enough to meet and work with some hugely talented people.

After 25 years in this business I thought I might give a little back and hopefully pass on the message that personal success has everything to do with what you want in life.

In parallel with my networking life I have acted as business consultant and coach, and a personal development coach, public speaker and marketing consultant. I’ve pursued many things that interest me, sometimes taking strange paths out of curiosity.  Much of it for the intellectual challenge as opposed to the practical.

I should also say that what went before doesn’t offer a blueprint for the future and what I plan to do I will share with you and give an honest reflection of results!

All the best.

Nigel Booth

Updated 10th Oct 2016

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Change is the only constant