Network Marketing Needs to Grow Up


It’s deeply unfortunate that the MLM or Network Marketing industry  still has to grow up.

The recent news  Vemma is under investigation and temporarily (perhaps) prevented from trading, shows how careful you have to be in choosing who to align yourself with.

I don’t counsel avoiding start ups or rapidly growing companies, but I do suggest a thorough study of the business, its owners and where they focus on the recruitment of partners. A business that targets young people with the promise of huge rewards without effort (or very little) is inevitably going to come under the regulatory spotlight.

Promises of an easy way to riches smack of Ponzi schemes. No Network Marketing company will promise you riches in a heartbeat, for most people they can create a real income for themselves in around a year,  giving the option to trade in the full time job for a career in networking, just as we did. (It took us three and a half years to achieve it).

The bigger money, and I’m talking around £10,000 a month generally takes a little longer. There are many examples of people achieving these figures really quickly, but what is often missed out in their stories is that they have come from other networks and after many years of effort brought a lot of people with them. Those of us who have been in this business for a while know the average time it takes to get to the bigger numbers is 3 to 5 years of consistent and persistent effort.

We all look up to the successful, but success only comes through work and persistence.

For the naysayers the Vemma situation is a godsend, “I told you so” will be the mantra of those looking to justify their ignorance. The reality is that it is a challenge for the rest of us to make sure we adopt values that give a true picture of what Network Marketing offers and to educate the ignorant.

Nigel Booth