7 Inspiring Lessons That Will Turn You Into A Network Marketing Master Recruiter

Success in network marketing comes from treating it like a business. If you follow a sensible daily plan you will make a very good living, and as it progresses move you towards life changing income. Being here means you are likely to be someone who wants to be successful, and has, or is struggling to make a networking business work for you.

You are not alone.

The network marketing industry suffers from huge amounts of hype, much of it never delivered on for the average person.

However, I’m also here to tell you if you follow the simple everyday routine I outline here you can make as much money as you want and completely transform your life.

Let’s be clear, network marketing, in whatever form, is a business, those that succeed do so because they attract lots of customers and distributors and they achieve this by working to a simple set of rules and translating them into daily activity.

The basic goals are;
·         Sponsor new distributors
·         Create new customers
·         Duplicate activity

Conventional business does the same thing;

It seeks new customers, and some seek business partners as in a franchise or 3rd party resellers. This approach is commonplace; the motor industry, the food industry and many others do it this way. They manufacture or produce and distribute through third party sellers. The success of the reseller depends no less on their own numbers than those of the producer.

Network marketing works a bit like a franchise, however there is one important difference, franchises restrict their franchisees to a territory or location, however in network marketing every distributor has the rights to develop and find new distributors, thereby increasing the size of their business and the company they work alongside.  

They become a reseller of the product and the opportunity. This increase in distribution rewards the sponsoring distributor and the more people sponsored the higher the reward. Simple stuff, however here is also where the problem is, the sponsored distributors very often don’t know what to do to create a success out of their opportunity.

To be successful in networking you must master the art of sponsoring (footfall) and duplication (finding new resellers).

This is not replicating you as a person, it is duplicating the activity you undertake. The great networkers know this and focus a lot of their attention on training and developing the people they sponsor.
The challenge for all networkers is getting a consistent message throughout their group and then sufficiently high activity levels to give the best chances of success. At the basic level, networking is no different to any other business;

Numbers Matter

The numbers matter; how many people you see, and show your opportunity and product to will directly relate to your success. So, what does the role you have chosen sound like to most people who join a network?

You may have been told it is a sharing business and you don’t have to sell anything. Let’s be real here, networking, like any other business., thrives or dies on the sales it makes. If you don’t see this as sales business, then think again.

If you don’t want to be a sales person, then don’t be surprised if your business doesn’t grow.

The difference for most new networkers is that very often they have never been in this kind of role before, and their lack of skill quickly diminishes enthusiasm.

The successful networker recognises that in fundamental terms a network marketing business is no different to any other. It’s a business.

Success boils down to being business like, understanding the numbers and learning the skills to maximise the chance of success.

What are the numbers?

A typical networking opportunity costs very little to join, it doesn’t need much capital to start up. Most people start part time and cash flow issues are negligible. Start-up costs vary between US$200 and US$3,000 as an average spread. There are no premises, no overheads, apart from the variable expenses of a phone, travel, a computer, access to the web, marketing services to support the business, and attendance at meetings.

All in all, a brilliant low cost, low risk way of getting into a business. What are the rewards? Literally unlimited, the top networkers make well over a $1million a year.

So why doesn’t everyone succeed?

Compare the start-up costs to a franchise which can cost anything from $5,000 to $2million for a McDonalds, if you’re curious enough have a look at https://www.franchisehelp.com/franchise-directory/ for some other examples.

Even McDonalds’ franchises fail, and so do network marketing businesses. The franchise model demands a huge commitment in terms of time, money, training and energy. The franchise owner follows the model they have bought. You wouldn’t buy a McDonalds and then turn out pizzas. Learn what your team does, and put it into practice. Don’t try to reinvent it, just do it as you are taught, again and again.

Network Marketing doesn’t make much demand on you. It is very much the laissez fair model, a take it or leave it business. The financial and time commitment is often presented as being small, and therefore the commitment of the new distributor can also be very small. Often leading to a lack of activity because the risk is low and therefore so is the commitment.

That doesn’t make it any less a business. The ones who succeed put in no less commitment than the franchise owner, and this is the first part of being successful at it.

1.       Make the commitment
Don’t let anyone else steal your dreams, tell you it’s a scam, or belittle your ability to make it work. Tap into why you decided to join your network and what it means to you. Knowing your internal motivation helps you overcome the inevitable barriers you will experience. Make a commitment to yourself to succeed and identify what you need to make it.

Remember the simple goals, sponsor distributors, find customers and duplicate activity.

2.      Be Teachable

Be teachable! If you are failing or feel you are, then go back to school, throw away what you think you know and start again.

You weren’t born walking, you learned how to do it, although you have the innate ability to do it. Being able to walk doesn’t make you a great runner, you might have the talent but that’s not enough to be one, unless you practice and practice mastery will never come.

There isn’t a successful sports person on the planet that doesn’t have a coach. Why is that when they have the talent and have practiced and practiced? Simply, they know that to have the edge, you must work on your game all the time.

When you understand what works, you decide whether to do it or not. The best practice is not easy but it is effective. You will here it time and again that the secret to success is meeting people and putting them through the recruitment process. You must be willing to do the work and pay the price.

3.      Invest in Yourself

Most people stop learning when they leave school or university. You may get training from the company you work for, but that is generally functional training designed to help you do your job better.

It’s not personal development training. Its focussed on the organisation’s needs not yours. Who focusses on what you need? Only you can focus on you;

·         Do you know what you want?
·         Are you going to get it doing what you are now?
·         Do you like what you do right now?
·         Why are you here?
·         What contribution are you making to a better world?
·         Are you happy?

The answers to all these questions are in your gift. Your gift to yourself, and the decision to determine your own path, rather than the one you seem to have been dealt. Ultimately, we are all personally responsible for what we have in life.

Life will give you what you ask for. You just must decide what is on your list and then write one.

Your team will have training sessions, webinars, special events and coaching. The network marketing industry excels at teaching people to discover what they want in life and the skills to be more effective. The only way to master your game is to learn and practice.

4.      Get Organised

This is about duplication of activity. One of your key tasks is to make sure you know what you say, how to say it and to be able to repeat this activity again and again.

Network Marketing is a people business, you stand the best chance of succeeding when you meet and work with people. This is why the meetings you attend are so powerful, they expose you to the energy of the organisation and the expose the values it holds. The values you have chosen to align yourself with. Networks create communities of like-minded people who buy into the energy of their commonly held beliefs which reinforces their commitment to the goals of the organisation and energises and motivates them to take action.

Know where your meetings are, have tools that enable you to communicate relevant information with people from your smartphone. I recommend Collivr, you can get an overview here, www.collivr.com

5.      Use Your Upline Support System

Master the basics and follow the system. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel do what your upline does and seek their help to make it happen. They have as much interest in your success as you do. They want you to succeed because they can earn from your efforts, equally your own distributors can learn from the group. The skills you don’t have will be taught inside your group somewhere, take advantage of it and plug your own people into the training. This will leverage your business success and most of the time the training is free or at very low cost.

If your sponsor knows about as much as you do because they are also new to the business, go upline until you encounter a distributor who can help you. Unlike conventional business they will welcome your contact and will want to work with you. The depth of their business offers protection for their income, and the stronger their relationship with the downline the more likely it is for their income to increase and be sustainable. They want to teach you how to do what they do and they’d love you to be better than they are, after all, you contribute to their income.

Arguing with your sponsor about what to do and trying to do it all your own way won’t make you more successful, but it might give you an excuse to justify your failure.

6.      Be Persistent

Mastery comes from practice. We’ve touched on it, sometimes you win sometimes you don’t. You must have both to succeed. Keep going, never quit. The business model works, that is a given. The only question is how determined are you to make it work.

Measure your activity;

·         How many people have you phoned this week?
·         How many people have you seen this week?
·         How many presentations have you made?
·         How many people have you sponsored?

Once you know these ratios it is easy to predict a future of success because you know what you need to do to bring it about.

7.      Build relationships

Master this and the world is your oyster. Learn how to build relationships. You might interpret this as selling, in a way it is but what is far more important in today’s world is your ability to connect with people and build trust. One of the reasons all networks ask you to connect with the people you already know is because you have an existing relationship with them. This relationship centres on Know, Like and Trust. Trust comes out of the other two and relationships are built on trust, it is why your friends will give you a hearing when you approach them about your product or business opportunity. That doesn’t mean they will buy or become a business partner, although even if their decision is a no, it often means the timing is wrong.

Some years ago, I moved companies and pitched our new business to our old upline who was adamant he didn’t want to join up. Some four years later I bumped into him at the bank while paying in a bonus. He wanted to know what I was doing and he joined my business and hit the top position in just 9 months.

A “No” isn’t necessarily for ever, it’s just for now.

Start by understanding the sales process and practising it on people you would like to have as business partners or customers. Numbers matter, if you aren’t presenting frequently and consistently your business will never reach the point at which it takes on a life of its own.

Here are the basic things to do;

·         Learn to present your business and product as simply as possible.
·         Always do it the same way, every time.
·         Always follow up until your prospect tells you to stop – 80% of sales are made on the 7th contact.
·         Don’t give up, it is only a matter of time before you succeed and persistence really does pay.

You Choose

There is no secret to success in network marketing, you simply must follow the daily discipline and persist.

Network marketing sometimes gets bad press. There is always someone with a negative attitude, papers and stories don’t sell if they expose just good news. Shrug off the negative comments and have faith in what you do, ultimately this is an expression of faith in yourself.

Network Marketing offers an equal opportunity for anyone to succeed, regardless of skill, training, age, ethnicity, religion, colour or resources. It’s been very good to me and will be to you if you follow the rules.

Nigel Booth

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